Why recent smartphone ‘bad news’ is really good news

Why recent smartphone ‘bad news’ is really good news

Have you kept up with this week’s smartphone news? Smartphone shipments declined. Again. Apple’s iPhone revenue is dropping. Apple added a “software lock” to discourage you from replacing your iPhone battery. And smartphone manufacturing is fleeing China.

This is all presented as bad news. In fact, it’s all good news. Here’s why.

Smartphone shipments fall

IDC reported last week that smartphone sales fell by 3.6% (to 331.2 million units) in Q2 and that global shipments declined for the seventh successive quarter. (Smartphone shipments declined in China for the ninth consecutive quarter, according to Canalys.)

Smartphone shipments for this year will total 2.2 billion phones, which is a decline of 3.8% year over year, according to Gartner, which called it the “worst decline ever” for smartphone sales.

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